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Jennifer McLeod APNP, FNP-BC - President

I started my career in health care by working within the communities as a home care and hospice manager. I was an advocate that aided families and facilities in providing the best possible care to their loved ones and/or residents. During that time, I was also working 
pre-hospital care as EMS Rescue and a Firefigher for my local community. I was able to see first hand what it meant for our frail elderly to "fail at home". I was able to experience how the communities were struggling to aid our seniors in care they vitally needed. In 2008, Hartland Terrace Assisted Living opened its' doors to aid frail elderly in their journey of health and enrichment. It has been a wonderful journey of love and commitment to our residents, their families and the community. Over the years we have stood strong in our mission to meet our residents where they are in their journey and enrich them in body, mind and spirit.

Since I was young, my family has been navigating through various health care concerns, including my fathers 5 strokes and 4 heart attacks, that had left him paralyzed, and now my mothers early onset of Alzheimer's. Never has there been a time in my career that I have found a facility that I felt worthy of caring for my parents. Opening Hartland Terrace has allowed me to provide the best care for my parents and all my residents, allowing their family to rest knowing they are properly cared for, no matter where their journey takes them.

Personally, I am married to my husband Michael, a pilot for Delta Airlines, and we have two wonderful children, Lauren (Dustin) and Jayson. My passion for caring for others has led me to finish my masters degree in nursing education and leadership, as well as, a certified Trauma/ER Nurse with a certification in Forensic-Sexual Assault Nursing. I graduated with my Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine and Gerontology. 

I could not imagine my life without Hartland Terrace Assisted Living and its' residents, families and care team members that make us a true home. 

Jami Peterson - Vice President

As Vice President and the Director of Facility, it is my goal to ensure all our resident's and their families have all their needs met. This has been a passion of mine since working as a Manager for a local senior living apartment complex. In 2008, when Jennifer and I opened Hartland Terrace Assisted Living, it was my goal to advocate for our community seniors and their families. We are a large family at Hartland Terrace, and I enjoy that I get to be with our residents everday during the week. I also meet with new families to discuss needs and work through how the community can aid them and their loved one. I am often awestruck at the life stories our residents share and the love they have for life. I am so proud to be able to aid them in their journey.

I live in Mukwonago with my husband and 6 kids.

Jennifer Schmidt BSN, RN - Clinical Manager

I started at Hartland Terrace in 2009, when I was a junior in high school. After high school I went on to  attended Columbia College of Nursing in Milwaukee where I acquired my BSN. After college I stayed on our team as a Clinical Manager, where I learned the aspects of gerontology care. I am part of a clinical team that is responsible for overseeing the health and wellbeing of our residents and maintaining their current abilities. I coordinate education and management of staff and aid in mentoring our next generation of health care professionals. I am passionate about enriching the lives of our elderly and bringing them joy every day.

I currently reside in Oconomowoc with my husband, Cameron and our son Carter. We enjoy spending time outdoors with our two dogs, Lola and Brandy and being with friends and family.

Brennan Grossmann - Director of Marketing

I started at Hartland Terrace in 2015, when I was a freshmen at Carroll University in Waukesha. There I got my Bachelors degree in graphic communication and minor in marketing. Here I oversee all things related to marketing for Hartland Terrace. I bring the creative brain behind all ads and graphics created for Hartland Terrace, in addition to managing facility projects.  I am passionate about helping Hartland Terrace grow as a business and making sure that the residents enjoy their time here. As a young man, I never really thought about working in a senior facility or for a company such as Hartland Terrace.  When I began here, I knew right away that I was not here for a job, but a lifestyle... a lifestyle of loving and caring for others, and I have found my true calling.

I currently resides in New Berlin. I enjoy spending time watching sports and hanging out with friends.

Brian Bender - Director of Facilities

Working with the elderly has been a joy over these past years. I came to the company in 2011 as the Director of Facilities and overseeing the team making our home-made cuisine.  My father had Alzheimer's and helping him through that process, showed me that our seniors deserve more than they were given.  Being at Hartland Terrace Assisted Living has allowed me to build relationships with all our residents, their families and care team members, as well as, be part of something that is truly a need in our communities. 

I currently reside in New Berlin with my wife Allison and have 3 children.  I love hunting and anything outdoors and spending time with my family.